2019 Resolutions

Hi friends and loved ones!

2019, can you believe it? I sure can. The new year has always been a funny thing to me. Nothing actually changes, but it is amazing what a change in mindset can do for people. It motivates us to be better, to challenge ourselves, and fulfill all of last years failed attempts at greatness. Everyone has a resolution or two if they're being honest with themselves, and since I didn't want to write an entire blog post this week I called upon my friends, the Blue and White Collar team to give us their resolutions. So without further ado, let's see what we're hoping to accomplish! As you can see below some of us have more of a pension for writing than others.


"In 2019, I want to finish projects I start. I have a problem with starting tons of projects but following through with barely a fraction of them."



"New Years resolutions have always been something that I struggle with, mostly due to my own inability to set and plan the proper steps to achieve those goals. The tradition it seems is to set these huge goals that we hope to to be doing still on day 365, and yet in reality have failed by day 12 and so give up, or lose focus, or simply forget about it. To counter this, my wife and I have decided to set overarching resolutions, for example to be more healthy. Then to set monthly resolutions to achieve those larger goals. That way we have a shorter time span to focus and hopefully accomplish those goals, or re-evaluate. 

So for the month of January my goal to be more healthy consists of drinking at least four bottles of water a day. Might not seem like a lot to some, but I don't like drinking water, so it will be a challenge. However, if it is to simple I can always make it more. For Christmas I got a smart watch, and it continues to tell me that I need to stand more, walk more, and take short moments to relax and focus on breathing. So far I have ignored the feeling of laziness and guilt it causes, but for the month of February, my goal is to follow its instructions. I will continue to set goals for each month as the year goes on. We'll see how it goes! So far I've done pretty good with the water, definitely using the restroom a lot more than I used to.                                   
My other resolutions aren't as complicated. Watch less TV and read at least one book a month. I love reading, and since I am finished with school now I can read books I want to read and not text books. 2019 is going to be a solid year!"                                                                                                                                                        
"Every year, I start off by sitting down and making a list of goals in four different categories. I have about five small goals per category that hopefully will help me live and create the lifestyle that I want. I won’t bore you with every single one of the small goals (ie. eat one fruit and one vegetable daily). Instead, I’ll share my theme for the year.     
I am graduating from Utah Valley University with an undergraduate degree in the spring. It’s in that spirit of education that I want to learn as much as I possibly can in 2019. I want to accumulate knowledge in various aspects of life, and here are a few of the small goals I’ve laid out to help contribute towards that larger theme of learning. I want to read 12 books this year (one book a month). I want to use one new word per week. I want to apply to speak at my graduation. I want to go to lunch, once per month, with someone new (ie. professors, industry professionals...). I want to begin writing my first book.                                                                                
In short, I want to learn."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
1) Be a better person
2) Take care of myself
3) Read 50 books                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
I want to become a better graphic designer/illustrator so I'm challenging myself outwardly to make something new three times a week, but inwardly telling myself to make something new every day. It doesn't have to be good, it doesn't have to be something I treasure, but it has to be something. And as of posting this on January 4th I'm killing it so far. Come and talk to me in two weeks and ask me how it's going (I'm sure it'll be a depressing revelation).                                                               
I also want to be better at taking pictures and videos. I downloaded this app called "1 Second Everyday" that takes a second clip of a video you take each day of the year and at the end of the year it compiles all 365 clips into one video to summarize your entire year. I'm hoping it'll motivate me to not just take small clips, but to slow down and appreciate what's around me every day.                                                         
Also I'm gonna piggy back off of Timmy and Lizzi and steal that read more resolution. I'm not going to be quite as prolific as Lizzi tearing through 50 books, but to eclipse my mark of 7 last year. Let's say 10, shall we? Nah, you know what? Let's go for broke and say 12. I know, I'm a mad man.                                                                                                                                                                                         
Alright kids, look at that our resolutions for 2019! We love each and every one of you, and here's to a great year!                                                                                     
-Jordan and the Blue and White Collar Team                                                                     


- I can't quite tell if this is a New Years gif or a Kim Kardashian gif. The more I look at it, the more I'm convinced it has absolutely nothing to do with the new year. I've already uploaded it and it's not coming down now.

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