Blue and White in the Big City

Hi there loyal followers of the Blue and White Blog. Recently all 5 of our founding members left the cozy confines of our founding location of Provo, Utah to greener pastures around the US. We’re now spread from sea to shining sea in Los Angeles, Boulder, Washington DC, and New York City. Even though we’ve moved away from our home (some temporary, and other permanent) we are more focused than ever to make sure you guys get the best shirts out there. 

Now that we’ve gotten the necessary introductions out of the way, it’s time to introduce myself. My name Is Jordan Larsen and I’m one of the founding members. I’ll be your tour guide through this wacky thing called the Blue and White Blog. If you can recall to the list of cities a couple sentences earlier, I’m the one who is residing in New York. Brooklyn to be exact. Williamsburg to be very exact. The team and I thought NYC would be a fitting backdrop of our blog posts. Going forward I’ll be talking about everything from working in New York, to eating in New York, to getting lost on the Subway in New York, and, I swear, other things that aren’t related to the Big Apple. 

As I write this post, New York, along with most of the Eastern US, is in the midst of a heatwave not unlike the one experienced in the classic Spike Lee joint, Do the Right Thing. (I would be remise in not mentioning that this is a rated R movie, so some of our readers who are of a more tender age should seek parental guidance if watching this movie)

Seriously, everyone should watch this movie

While I’m sweating walking to the subway, sweating on the subway, and sweating laying in my bed at night I keep thinking of all the moving parts that are in this behemoth city. It’s a constant blur of train cars, garbage bags on sidewalks, tourists looking around aimlessly, and pizza rats.

It blows me away that anything in this city ever works. And somehow it does. That somehow is thanks to the 8.5 million residents in this buzzing city who each have an important part to play in keeping this place moving forward. It’s like that game where marbles are held up by sticks. Each player takes a turn removing a stick and eventually all of the marbles fall. Some of those sticks are pretty useless (I’m looking at your Russian oligarchs who are using Manhattan for a real estate land grab) and others are totally and completely integral (MTA workers) to the movement of the city. It’s those important, yet unsung players are the ones keeping our homes inhabitable. Too often I take things like running water and trash pickup for granted. If it weren’t for the thousands and thousands of people doing the behind the scenes work, we’d have nothing at all. So the next time you’re walking around your home town, don’t forget to acknowledge the people who are making everything possible. And even though I most likely fall in the useless category trying to cut my teeth in the advertising mecca of the world, I like to think that I’m already trying to become a more useful part of the puzzle and a part of the greatest city in the world. 

Isn't she a beaut?

Stick around and check this blog each week from now on for more exciting and unparalleled journalistic excellence from someone who has no business doing this, or until we decide our SEO is high enough to put me out of a job.

Until next time,

-Jordan and the Blue and White Collar team

PS: I really tee’d up a great opportunity to mention how moisture wicking and breathable our shirts our when I was talking about the heatwave, but I felt it more culturally applicable to mention Do the Right Thing instead. So in this little post script let me implore you to go and get a few of our shirts. The most comfortable and breathable dress shirt you’ll ever own.

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