How to Become a Timeless Style Icon

Recently I’ve been thinking about how style is ever evolving and ever changing. You never know quite what you’ll see come down the catwalk at New York or Paris Fashion Week. And honestly, it’s usually a bit of a catastrophe. I do indeed realize that these expressions seen at Fashion Week are less of practical fashion design, and more of the artistic prowess that designers have. But, where is the line between aspirational fashion, and extremism for extremism’s sake?

 --Top Looks from Milan Fashion Week 2018--


Now that you’ve indulged me by experiencing some of the looks from February’s Milan Fashion week, you understand how impractical this is. And these are THE BEST looks!


Style can be avant garde and there’s nothing wrong with that. Being bold and daring to try something new should be encouraged when it comes to style. David Bowie, and Prince come to mind as men who were fashion icons who were always evolving, and always ahead of what other’s were thinking in terms of clothing. But practicality was never their strong suit…










When I look back at photographs of icons from the past, the ones that stand out are not the ones with outlandish outfits, but the men who if you were to see them on the street today, they’d still look like the coolest person on the block. We're not talking about bellbottom pants, massive shirt collars from the 70s, or acid washed jeans. We are talking about the simple, tried and true style statements that have lasted for generations and will last for many more to come. Some styles fade, but others live forever.



It comes down to having what I like to call “the basics”. Things that every man needs. Every man needs a pair of great jeans, a couple solid color casual button up shirts (short and long sleeves), a plain white and a plain black t-shirt, a thick flannel shirt (a personal favorite), versatile leather shoes or boots that can be dressed up or down, a well tailored suit, and arguably the most important thing; a white dress shirt. No other piece of clothing has been in style longer, and no item will ever outlast it. Nothing will ever look as good, or make the man wearing it feel as good as a great fitting dress shirt. Wow, how fortuitous that we ended up talking about dress shirts on the blog of a website that sells white dress shirts?? Who would have thought?


Let’s all try to be a little more like these afore-pictured men and remember how iconic the basics are.


Lots of love,

Jordan & the Blue and White Collar team

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