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 White shirts have been a fashion staple for centuries. Don't believe us? Check it out here.

Once used as a symbol of affluence (because only the wealthy could afford cleaning their shirts enough to keep them white), the white shirt has become the norm for many life moments. You could say it's, "Life's Uniform."

No matter whether you're running home from the office and need to mow the lawn before your kid's party or eating lunch on your construction site, Blue and White Collar shirts are the perfect fit.

Material: 85% polyester / 15% spandex. Our blend of fabrics gives you the performance that far exceeds any traditional cotton dress shirt while keeping the look and feel of the classic white button up that you are familiar with.

4-Way Stretch: The traditional buttoned shirt feels stuffy, stiff, and is something you can't wait to change out of at the end of the day. In comparison, Blue and White Collar shirts' 4-way stretch moves with you so much it's like wearing a cloud. Unforgiving cotton dress shirts won't hold you back ever again.  

Machine Washable: The Blue and White Collar shirt is constructed with material that can be thrown in the wash at home with no need for any dry cleaning errands. After a day in the shirt, it can be washed, dried, and worn immediately without any hassle. 

Moisture Wicking: Whether you work at a desk, behind the wheel, in a warehouse, or anywhere else, our breathable material suits the hot summer days, high pressure meetings, or a last minute post-work pick-up game.

Wrinkle-free: Wrinkles belong to the wise, not to our clothes. Unfortunately wrinkles are stubborn, and most of us aren’t trained garment specialists with impeccable ironing skills. So our shirts are made with a material that comes out of the dryer wrinkle-free. 

Affordable: In today's world of fashion, style, quality and cost are often at odds with each other. At Blue and White Collar, we are committed to have no compromises in any of these areas. Our shirts cost a fraction of what similar performance dress shirts cost while still matching their quality. We have designed a shirt that looks great and feels great at an affordable price.

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