Making People Care About What You’re Doing

The Staten Island Yankees is the lesser known minor league baseball team, affiliated with the world-famous New York Yankees. They are a short season A team, this makes Staten Island the first stop for some of the youngest players in pro-baseball, chasing their major league dreams. As you might expect, the Staten Island Yankees aren’t one of the first things tourists coming to New York hope to see, but all of that changed this summer.

To get the full picture, we have to go back to the fall of 2015, during which was the historic rise to fame of “Pizza Rat”. A YouTube video captured a rat dragging a slice of pizza down a flight of  subway stairs in New York and instantly went viral. The next fall, the Staten Island Yankees were looking for a rebrand and decided to let their fans decide their new name. The overwhelming winner? The Pizza Rats. Unfortunately the team decided against it and stuck with The Yankees. But after two more years the team from Staten Island announced that during a select number of games during the 2018 season they would become the Staten Island Pizza Rats. With this they unveiled a series of logos, uniforms, and merchandise featuring the now famous rat and the slice of pizza. The look was an instant hit and the team sold more merchandise in the two days after the announcement than they did in all of 2017.







 This tactic isn’t anything new in minor league baseball where the trick is to get people to care about your team and come visit the ballpark. Team names like the El Paso Chihuahuas, Montgomery Biscuits, and Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are just a few minor league teams who have attempted to draw in fans with their in-stadium entertainment, one-off uniforms, and...unique names. The entire idea of this is to brand the team as something unique, exciting, and most importantly to draw crowds.

The big idea here is to try and get people to care about what you’re doing. It all comes down to branding. Whether you’re Apple, the Pizza Rats, or any recent college grad trying to get a job, you need to make people care about what you’re doing. And that is no easy feat. Here at Blue and White Collar we had the same exact challenge. We had an idea for a revolutionary shirt, but that was it. We didn’t have a name, an identity, or a plan. We came up with Blue and White Collar because we wanted to convey that this product was just as effective for  sitting at your desk in an office or working on a car in an auto body shop. It was meant for all men who needed a better, more comfortable dress shirt that doesn’t break the bank. Everything that we’ve done since then has led back to that simple fact. Comfort, style, and affordability shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

-Jordan and the Blue and White Collar team

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  • LONG LIVE PIZZA RAT (and B&W collar)


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