Summer Time Playlist

We are officially in the depths of summer. Hot long days where all you want to do is lay in the shade of a big tree, float down a river, or spend all afternoon in the mountains far above the heat of the valley. The images conjured up when thinking of the summer are always some of the most nostalgic for anyone, especially the people who have to spend their summers inside office buildings thinking about days with no responsibilities.

But have no fear dear ones! I’ve come equipped with a list of songs for you to play this summer to help you get in the mood, whether you’re staring up into the blue sky or staring at your cubicle wall.




Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic / Feels Like Summer

These two tracks that were just released last week and dubbed the “Summer Pack” by Donald Glover’s musical persona embody the slow warmth of a summer night or a lazy hot day spent avoiding the heat and responsibilities. Here are a couple of songs that you can have on repeat for days on end.




PARAD(w/me)E / Rostam Remix - Sylvan Esso

This track from Durham, NC’s Sylvan Esso is a classic get up and dance around town track. The addition of the poppy remix from Rostam, formerly of Vampire Weekend, only serves to amp up the party a little more. Go ahead, name a better block party song. 



’Til It’s Over - Anderson Paak

Ok, ok this song is amazing. Originally premiering on the viral Apple Homepod commercial directed by Spike Jonze, this track from Paak is a certified get out of your seat and dance track without being overbearing. Just as I’m writing this I had to put it on because it just makes you feel something, you know?




Continental Breakfast - Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile

Do you like Indie Folk? Yeah, I thought so. This track from two of the best folky folks out there today and a much less volatile Kurt and Courtney duo. It’s a song that is the perfect thing to put on during a road trip as your driving through the country. Just listen to when the guitar comes in at the beginning, I can already see it in my mind’s eye. On another note, I can promise you'll want to go back and watch some old home movies after watching the music video.



Pacifics (Sdtrk “N.Y. Is Red Hot”) - Digable Planets

The ultimate Sunday summer track. This early 90s hip-hop group sums up the chill environment of New York on a lazy Sunday with a beat that is just as smooth as their flows. Also any song that has a line like this:

hangin’ with the rebels sippin’ on a Snapple. Buggin’ with my crew just chilling in the apple.”

is a track you must listen to.



Rivers - The Tallest Man On Earth

Have you ever heard a song so warm and calming that it lulls you like a breeze into the sweetest summer midday nap as you lay outside? If not, then this is your tune. The Swedish singer/songwriter evokes his homeland in summer, crossing streams and rivers in the forest to find just the right spot to rest and relax with the one you love.


Add these tracks to your queue and you’ll be far off in the best summer daydream you’ve had in years. Enjoy.


With much love and warmth

- Jordan & the Blue and White Collar Team

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