About Us

Our Purpose

At &Collar we have a goal to change the notoriety of the uncomfortable white dress shirt. So we have designed a stylish classic white shirt that fits any occasion while providing utmost comfort. But our ultimate goal is to change the world one shirt at a time. We want to bring apparel to the world that does not sacrifice quality for lower costs or vice versa. Beginning with affordability, we want to make quality clothing accessible to everyone. Whether it is for a job, an interview to get the job, or even just a formal school presentation, everyone deserves the best. 

Our Story

Growing up in Hong Kong, Ben Perkins lived in humidity. He regularly wore a white dress shirt for school functions, orchestra performances, and church activities. In the times that he wasn't wearing a dress shirt, he was wearing athletic clothing, including spandex boxers (sliders). On one particularly muggy and miserable day while wearing a white shirt he thought, "Why can't I make a dress shirt out of athletic material?" And that is how Blue and White Collar was born. Except in 2008 and as a 13 year-old, the brand was Wicka-Sweat. 

As a 13 year-old it was hard to turn that dream into a reality. But after living in the Philippines for two hot years, Ben decided it was time to make it happen. With that said, Wicka-Sweat needed rebranding (despite the "amazing" logo and name). He reached out to the best branding team he knew: his sister and her advertising friends: Lizzi Perkins (strategist), Timmy Bates (content creator), David Shum (copywriter), and Jordan Larsen (creative). It was as we all broke bread in Timmy's living room that &Collar was formed.

From left to right: Jordan, Lizzi, Ben, David, Timmy